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Hawra Sportshall was established in 2006 by Dr Sunilkumar Kottekot Shihan with the intention of building a strong community of Martial artists... Hawra offers the best traditional Japanese karate, Chinese Kungfu & Hungarian kyonewaza through modern training methods...Its a recognised institute and affiliated with martial arts association from Japan,china & hungary.There are 50 branches with 60 national and international instructors all over India and Middle East.Apart from the regular exams, yearly camps and competitions are conducted at all the Branches...

Shihan has been practicing Martial arts for the last 30 years on daily basis... His dedication and commitment towards Martial arts is beyond description... He appreciates hard work and encourages each and everyone to be their best ... Under his guidance and teachings many of them have become Instructors ... He continues to inspire people to fulfil their dreams of becoming a Martial Artist...

Shihan has been trained by number of skillful masters...

  •  Balachandran kutikattil Sensei
  •  Johnson Sensei- (WSKF Kerala Chief)
  •  Satrajith Chowdhary Sensei-(WSKF India Chief)
  •  S.Premkumar Sensei-(Yokokan karate international chief)
  •  Hitoshi Kasuyu Sensei- (WSKF world chief)
  •  Abe Kiego Sensei-(JSKA Grandmaster)
  •  Nagaki mitsuru Sensei- (JSKA world chief )
  •  Jasobanda Sensei-(Wushu Ambassador, India)
  •  Grand master Chris Thomas kyoshojitsu (pressure point )( Red belt USA)
  •  Mohammad Bahrami Shihan- (JSKA Asian chief)
  •  Kancho yoshikazu matsushima( Ikomatsushima founder) 9 th dan Japan
  • Mission Hawra

    Fitness has taken a back seat due to busy life styles... Health is at stake due to unhealthy food habits, improper sleep and unhealthy routine... The importance of having a healthy body strikes when health starts deteriorating... Time again its proven that adding workouts to our daily routines have done wonders to both body and mind... Its not about spending hours for keeping ourselves fit, it's about following a workout program by trained Instructors...

    Hawra has started Fitness programme for both Ladies and Gents... The aim is to spread awareness about having a healthy routine...

    We believe in transforming lives by helping them stay focused, dedicated and motivated through our fitness program. Fitness class focuses on Cardio, weight loss and weight training.

    Keep your body fit and mind relaxed... Join us to experience the transformation..