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My self Dr.Sunilkumar kottekkottu shihan Karate is more than martial arts to me. It is a way of life which I as a human being would be incomplete. I have been practicing karate for over twenty five years without a days break.

When we take a glance at today’s society, we could see many people suffering from chronic diseases like diabetes, chlestrol, obesity etc. It is scientifically proven that regular exercise to our body can control these diseases to certain extent. The people, in today’s society are complaining that they have no time for exercise. Aren’t they finding time for their likes like liquor, cigarette, entertainment parties, chatting etc? If one can save the time for these things that destroy ones own body then why cant find the time to save a precious gift like ones own body? It is ones own duty, to maintain a god given gift like our body with endless energy. Martial arts can help one to make his body a reserve of endless energy. This energy, which we can give through this art can result in other good qualities like maintain positive thinking attitude, boosting memory capability,maintainence of self control and last but never the least to self defend ones own body.

I have been trained under a number of skillful masters. These honorable master, who paved the way to my success are listed below:

  •  Balachandran kutikattil Sensei
  •  Johnson Sensei- WSKF Kerala Chief
  •  Satrajith Chowdhary Sensei-WSKF India Chief
  •  S.Premkumar Sensei-Yokokan karate international chief
  •  Hitoshi kasuyu Sensei- WSKF world chief
  •  Abe Kiego Sensei-JSKA world chief
  •  Nagaki mitsuru Sensei- jska assistant instructor japan
  •  Jasobanda Sensei-Wushu Ambassador ,India
  •  Babel csaba Shihan- founter kyonewaza Hungary
  •  Grand master Chris Thomas kyoshojitsu (pressure point ) red belt USA
  •  Mohammed Bahraimi Shihan- jska Asian chief
  •  Kancho yoshikazu matsushima( ikomatsushima founder) 9 th dan japan
  • Mission Hawra

    Hawra sports hall international estd 2006 founder and international chief Dr. Sunilkumar kottekkottu shihan it is with his vision and leadership that hawra sports hall international successfully complete 12 years in 2018. Now hawra has 48 branches with 60 national and international instructors, 500 black belt holders and more than 10000 members all over india and sultanate of oman

    Hawra sports hall International has a mission statement to provide a fair, legitimate association offering the best of traditional Japanese karate & Chinese Kungfu &

    Hungarian kyonewaza through modern training methods and an open minded approach to learning. We aim to provide instruction of the highest calibre from sensei who have trained and competed to become some of the best in the world.