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Hawra Sportshall was established in 2006 by Dr Sunilkumar Kottekot Shihan with the intention of building a strong community of Martial artists... Hawra offers the best traditional Japanese karate, Chinese Kungfu & Hungarian kyonewaza through modern training methods...Its a recognised institute and affiliated with martial arts association from Japan,china & hungary.There are 50 branches with 60 national and international instructors all over India and Middle East.Apart from the regular exams, yearly camps and competitions are conducted at all the Branches...

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Chairman & International Chief Instructor

Hawra Sports hall International India, Oman & ksa

World Record Holder (2021)

Member (World Human Rights Protection Commission)

6th Dan Japan Shotokan karate JSKA (japan)
Examiner, Instructor & Judge A Grade Licence from JSKA Japan
4th Dan kyokushin Karate IKO Matsushima (Japan)
Instructor Degree kyoshojitsu (usa)
Instructor Degree kyonewaza (hungary)
Member, International Dan committee (kyonewaza)
JSKA Representative & Chief ( India, Oman & ksa )
kyonewaza Representative & Chief ( India & Oman )

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