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When we take a glance at today’s society, we could see many people suffering from chronic diseases like diabetes, chlestrol, obesity etc. It is scientifically proven that regular exercise to our body can control these diseases to certain extent. The people, in today’s society are complaining that they have no time for exercise. Aren’t they finding time for their likes like liquor, cigarette, entertainment parties, chatting etc? If one can save the time for these things that destroy ones own body then why cant find the time to save a precious gift like ones own body? It is ones own duty, to maintain a god given gift like our body with endless energy. Martial arts can help one to make his body a reserve of endless energy. This energy, which we can give through this art can result in other good qualities like maintain positive thinking attitude, boosting memory capability,maintainence of self control and last but never the least to self defend ones own body.

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Chairman & International Chief Instructor

Hawra Sports hall International India, Oman & ksa

World Record Holder (2021)

Member (World Human Rights Protection Commission)

6th Dan Japan Shotokan karate JSKA (japan)
Examiner, Instructor & Judge A Grade Licence from JSKA Japan
4th Dan kyokushin Karate IKO Matsushima (Japan)
Instructor Degree kyoshojitsu (usa)
Instructor Degree kyonewaza (hungary)
Member, International Dan committee (kyonewaza)
JSKA Representative & Chief ( India, Oman & ksa )
kyonewaza Representative & Chief ( India & Oman )

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